1: NCIS premieres on CBS; follow Special Agent Gibbs and his team as they solve Navy-related crimes.

2: FBI follows elite agents of the FBI as they work high-stakes cases to keep America safe.

3: Young Sheldon explores the childhood of genius Sheldon Cooper in a hilarious and heartwarming series.

4: Blue Bloods follows the Reagan family of NYPD officers as they navigate crime and family drama in NYC.

5: NCIS offers a mix of action, intrigue, and humor as the team solves complex cases each week.

6: FBI showcases the inner workings of the FBI and the intense investigations they undertake.

7: Young Sheldon provides a glimpse into the early life of quirky genius Sheldon Cooper.

8: Blue Bloods combines police procedural with family drama for a compelling and suspenseful series.

9: Watch NCIS, FBI, Young Sheldon, and Blue Bloods for thrilling crime-solving and engaging stories.


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