1: Introducing Undertaker's iconic collection - The American Badass bikes. Jaw-dropping rides fit for a WWE legend.

2: Witness the power of the West Coast Choppers El Diablo in Undertaker's garage. A beast on wheels.

3: The custom-made OCC Black Widow Bike - a favorite of the Deadman himself. Unique and bold.

4: Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones - a classic in Undertaker's collection. Sleek design, powerful performance.

5: Say hello to the Indian Chief Vintage - a top choice in the Undertaker's bike arsenal. Vintage charm meets modern power.

6: The Yamaha VMAX - a true powerhouse owned by the Undertaker. Speed, style, and undeniable presence.

7: Witness the beauty of the Honda Rune in the Undertaker's lineup. A standout piece in his collection.

8: The Suzuki Hayabusa - a legendary bike in the hands of WWE's Undertaker. Speed demon meets wrestling icon.

9: Explore the world of Undertaker's bike collection with the Top 5 American Badass rides. Legendary bikes for a legendary wrestler.


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