1: The cancelled spinoff of Suits, featuring a four-year-old character, exposes major flaws in the new series.

2: Fans were shocked by the unrealistic portrayal of a child lawyer on the cancelled spinoff.

3: The new series fails to capture the essence of the original show with its outlandish storylines.

4: Critics have slammed the show for its lack of believability and character development.

5: The four-year-old character's antics overshadow the more compelling storylines on the spinoff.

6: Viewers are left wondering if the new series can recover from its shaky start.

7: The cancellation of the spinoff raises questions about the future of Suits as a franchise.

8: Will the show be able to regain its former glory without the cancelled spinoff?

9: Despite its shortcomings, the four-year-old spinoff serves as a cautionary tale for future TV series.


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