1: Simone Biles, Partner Jonathan Owens Argue Over Better Athlete Title

2: Biles, Owens Disagree on Who's Best Athlete in Relationship

3: Olympic Champion Biles, NFL Player Owens Spar Over Athletic Superiority

4: Biles, Owens Have Playful Debates on Athletic Skill Rankings

5: Biles, Owens' Relationship Includes Friendly Competition Over Athlete Status

6: Biles, Owens Joke About Who's Top Athlete In Their Dynamic Duo

7: Biles, Owens Share Light-Hearted Banter Over Athletic Achievements

8: Biles, Owens Enjoy Good-Natured Rivalry Over Title of Better Athlete

9: Biles, Owens' Relationship Filled With Fun Competitions Over Athleticism


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