1: Simone Biles and her NFL beau show off their playful banter on social media.

2: Their athletic rivalry takes a cute turn as they challenge each other to various sports.

3: The couple's competitiveness shines through in their adorable sports-themed photoshoots.

4: Simone and her beau constantly engage in friendly competitions to see who comes out on top.

5: From gymnastics to football, Simone and her NFL beau are always up for a challenge.

6: Their playful banter on Instagram proves that even top athletes can have a fun and lighthearted relationship.

7: These moments between Simone Biles and her NFL beau show that love and competition can go hand in hand.

8: The couple's playful rivalry is a testament to their shared love of sports and competition.

9: Simone Biles and her NFL beau's athletic banter is not only cute but also a true reflection of their shared passion for sports.


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