1: At WrestleMania, Sheamus cost Drew McIntyre his championship win by wearing a "Who's Next?" shirt.

2: The meme-turned-reality led to their intense feud, as McIntyre sought revenge for the betrayal.

3: Their match at Backlash showcased the heated rivalry, with McIntyre emerging victorious.

4: Fans were shocked by the explosive showdown, which proved McIntyre's resiliency and determination.

5: Sheamus's disrespectful actions fueled McIntyre's fire, leading to a brutal battle between former friends.

6: The betrayal over a meme and a shirt set the stage for an epic showdown.

7: McIntyre's WrestleMania moment may have been ruined, but he proved his worth in the end.

8: The feud between Sheamus and McIntyre captured the WWE Universe's attention with its intense personal storyline.

9: In the end, McIntyre's determination and skill prevailed, solidifying his status as a wrestling powerhouse.


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