1: Paulina Gretzky's outfit at The Masters turned heads with its bold style and bold colors.

2: The stunning model and actress showed off her fashion sense in a daring ensemble on the green.

3: Fashion critics were divided on Gretzky's choice of attire, with some loving the edgy look.

4: Her outfit featured a sleek crop top, high-waisted skirt, and statement accessories.

5: The Masters has never seen such a fashion-forward and eye-catching outfit on the course.

6: Gretzky's outfit added a touch of glamour and excitement to the prestigious golf tournament.

7: Despite the controversy, Gretzky confidently rocked her unique style and owned the spotlight.

8: Love it or hate it, Paulina Gretzky's outfit made a lasting impression at The Masters.

9: What will she wear next? Stay tuned for more of Paulina Gretzky's show-stopping looks.


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