1: Nicki Minaj oozes glamour in the FTCU Remix, showcasing her sexy red style.

2: Travis Scott adds his signature edge to the remix, bringing a touch of sleaze.

3: Chris Brown's smooth vocals elevate the FTCU Remix to new heights of sensuality.

4: Nicki Minaj commands attention in her sultry red ensemble for the remix video.

5: Travis Scott's bad boy charm shines through in the FTCU Remix visuals.

6: Chris Brown's seductive dance moves heat up the screen in the remix.

7: Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Chris Brown unite for a steamy collaboration in the FTCU Remix.

8: Red carpets, fierce poses, and sultry vibes define the FTCU Remix music video.

9: Follow Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Chris Brown as they bring the heat in the FTCU Remix.


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