1: Jamal Murray hits a fadeaway buzzer-beater to give the Nuggets a Game 2 win over the Lakers.

2: The Nuggets pull off a stunning victory as Jamal Murray sinks a clutch shot against the Lakers.

3: Jamal Murray's buzzer-beater seals the deal for the Nuggets in an epic Game 2 showdown.

4: The Lakers are left reeling as Jamal Murray's fadeaway shot secures a crucial win for the Nuggets.

5: Murray's epic buzzer-beater leaves fans in awe as the Nuggets defeat the Lakers in Game 2.

6: Jamal Murray delivers a game-winning shot to propel the Nuggets past the Lakers in a thrilling finish.

7: The Nuggets shock the Lakers with a last-second buzzer-beater from Jamal Murray in Game 2.

8: Murray's clutch performance secures a crucial victory for the Nuggets against the Lakers.

9: Jamal Murray's fadeaway buzzer-beater stuns the Lakers and propels the Nuggets to a Game 2 win.


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