1: After a long absence, Jack Perry returns to AEW to help the Young Bucks regain the tag team titles.

2: Perry's high-flying moves and innovative offense prove to be a game-changer for the Young Bucks.

3: With Perry in their corner, the Young Bucks take on all challengers and dominate the tag team division.

4: Fans are thrilled to see the dynamic trio of Perry and the Young Bucks back in action together.

5: The chemistry between Perry and the Young Bucks is undeniable as they work together seamlessly in the ring.

6: Perry's return has breathed new life into the Young Bucks, who are now more focused and determined than ever.

7: The trio's teamwork and innovation are on full display as they outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents.

8: With Perry leading the charge, the Young Bucks reclaim their spot at the top of the AEW tag team division.

9: Fans can't get enough of the high-flying, high-energy action that Perry and the Young Bucks bring to every match.


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