1: In honor of Earth Day, discover which gardening stars have gotten their hands dirty for a green cause.

2: From Miranda Kerr to Oprah Winfrey, these celebs prove that gardening is a glamorous way to connect with nature.

3: Emma Watson's passion for sustainability extends to her garden, where she cultivates organic produce.

4: Jay-Z and Beyoncé are not just music royalty - they're also passionate about environmental activism through gardening.

5: Prince Charles is a true gardening icon, advocating for sustainable practices and organic gardening.

6: Martha Stewart is the ultimate gardening guru, sharing tips and tricks for creating a beautiful and eco-friendly garden.

7: Justin Timberlake's love for gardening has led him to create his own farm-to-table paradise at home.

8: Michelle Obama's White House garden inspired a nation to get back to basics and embrace gardening for a greener future.

9: These gardening stars show that anyone can make a difference by getting their hands dirty and nurturing the earth.


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