1: Former Cub Don Kessinger, a proud grandfather, watches as his grandson Grae arrives with the Astros at Wrigley Field.

2: Kessinger, a Cubs legend, played shortstop for the team in the 1960s and 70s. His grandson Grae follows in his footsteps.

3: As Grae takes the field at Wrigley, Kessinger reflects on his own career and the legacy he left behind in Chicago.

4: The bond between grandfather and grandson is evident as Kessinger cheers on Grae from the stands at Wrigley Field.

5: Kessinger's pride is palpable as he watches Grae play on the same field where he made his mark as a Cub decades ago.

6: For Kessinger, seeing his grandson wear the same uniform he once wore is a special moment that he will never forget.

7: As Grae takes his place on the field, Kessinger can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for his own playing days.

8: Kessinger's love for the game is clear as he watches Grae play on the same field where he once made history as a Cub.

9: The Kessinger family legacy continues as Grae makes his mark with the Astros at Wrigley Field, following in his grandfather's footsteps.


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