1: Delta Burke opens up about her time on Designing Women and the challenges she faced with drug abuse.

2: Designing Women star dishes on the hit TV show and how her addiction impacted her career.

3: Burke discusses her journey to recovery and the importance of seeking help for substance abuse.

4: The actress shares her struggles with addiction and the stigma surrounding mental health in Hollywood.

5: Learn how Delta Burke overcame her demons and found strength in her battle with drug abuse.

6: Burke reflects on her time in rehab and the support she received from her colleagues and fans.

7: Discover how Designing Women addressed important social issues and empowered women in the 80s and 90s.

8: Burke's story sheds light on the reality of addiction and the importance of seeking treatment and support.

9: The actress hopes to inspire others to speak out about their struggles and seek help for their mental health.


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