1: Fortnite Leak Claims Billie Eilish to Join the Battle Royale!

2: Snoop Dogg Reportedly Making a Virtual Appearance in Fortnite!

3: Pedro Pascal Rumored to Star in Fortnite Fantastic 4 Crossover Event!

4: Exclusive: Billie Eilish Skin and Emote Teased in Fortnite Leak!

5: Snoop Dogg's Music to Feature in Upcoming Fortnite Update!

6: Fortnite x Fantastic 4 Collaboration Potentially in the Works!

7: Is Pedro Pascal Set to Battle it Out in Fortnite?

8: Exciting Updates: Billie Eilish and Snoop Dogg's Fortnite Roles Revealed!

9: Prepare to Rock with Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg, and Pedro Pascal in Fortnite!


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