1: Al imagines a clash of titans as Thanos and Goku face off in an epic battle.

2: Thanos, with his Infinity Gauntlet, strikes first with a powerful energy blast.

3: Goku counters with his Kamehameha wave, pushing back Thanos's attack.

4: The battle intensifies as Thanos summons his army of minions to overwhelm Goku.

5: Goku powers up to his Super Saiyan form, ready to take on Thanos and his forces.

6: The two warriors engage in a fierce hand-to-hand combat, exchanging powerful blows.

7: Despite Thanos's strength and cunning, Goku's determination and fighting skills prove to be a formidable match.

8: In a final showdown, Goku delivers a decisive blow, defeating Thanos and emerging victorious.

9: Al's vision of the intense battle between Thanos and Goku ends with Goku standing tall as the ultimate victor.


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