1: Introduction to Mediterranean Diet - Discover the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for gut health.

2: Greek Salad - Enjoy a refreshing and fiber-rich Greek salad.

3: Hummus - Whip up a delicious and gut-friendly hummus dip.

4: Grilled Salmon - Indulge in omega-3 rich grilled salmon.

5: Ratatouille - Savor a colorful and nutrient-packed ratatouille dish.

6: Greek Yogurt - Opt for probiotic-rich Greek yogurt for gut health.

7: Lentil Soup - Warm up with a hearty and fiber-filled lentil soup.

8: Mediterranean Quinoa - Try a protein-packed Mediterranean quinoa bowl.

9: Olive Oil Cake - Treat yourself to a Mediterranean-inspired olive oil cake.


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