1: 1. Gina Torres stars as Jessica Pearson in the Suits spinoff, Pearson.

2: 2. Simon Kassianides plays Nick D'Amato, Jessica's love interest in the show.

3: 3. Morgan Spector portrays Bobby Golec, the Mayor of Chicago in the series.

4: 4. Isabel Arraiza takes on the role of Yoli Castillo, Jessica's ambitious cousin.

5: 5. Eli Goree plays Derrick Mayes, a political strategist in Pearson.

6: 6. Chantel Riley stars as Angela Cook, a tough-as-nails lawyer in the spinoff.

7: 7. Bethany Joy Lenz portrays Keri Allen, the Mayor's right-hand woman in Pearson.

8: 8. Rebecca Budig plays The Fixer, a mystery character in the Suits spinoff.

9: 9. The Pearson cast brings drama, intrigue, and suspense to Netflix viewers worldwide.


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