1: Discover 7 remarkable pennies from the 1800s worth a fortune today. Uncover the history and value of these rare coins.

2: The 1794 Flowing Hair Cent is one of the most sought-after pennies from the 1800s. Learn why it's worth a staggering $200,000+.

3: Rare 1804 Draped Bust Large Cent is a true treasure. Find out why collectors are willing to pay up to $800 for this coin.

4: The 1817 Matron Head Large Cent is highly coveted by numismatists. Explore the unique features that make it worth up to $1,000.

5: Delve into the story of the 1836 Matron Head Large Cent and its value of $300. Learn why owning one is a badge of honor.

6: Explore the 1822 Matron Head Large Cent and its value of $500. Uncover the secrets behind this elusive and valuable coin.

7: The 1856 Flying Eagle Cent is a numismatic gem worth $10,000+. Discover why this coin is a must-have for serious collectors.

8: Find out the intriguing history and value of the 1864 Indian Head Cent. Learn why this coin is prized by numismatists worldwide.

9: The 1894 Indian Head Cent is a rare and valuable coin worth up to $2,000. Explore the rich history of this iconic penny.


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