1: Stay healthy during pregnancy with these Mediterranean diet recipes made for busy people.

2: Whip up a quick and nutritious Greek salad loaded with fresh veggies and feta cheese.

3: Try a delicious and filling bowl of Mediterranean quinoa with roasted veggies and herbs.

4: Enjoy a savory salmon fillet drizzled with lemon and served with a side of roasted asparagus.

5: Indulge in a refreshing tomato and cucumber gazpacho for a light and satisfying meal.

6: Savor a Mediterranean-style shrimp scampi with garlic, lemon, and herbs over whole wheat pasta.

7: Treat yourself to a sweet and creamy mango yogurt parfait topped with nuts and honey.

8: Whip up a batch of delicious roasted vegetable and chickpea quinoa bowls for a hearty meal.

9: End the day with a decadent dark chocolate and berry smoothie packed with antioxidants and flavor.


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