1: "Delight your taste buds with Mediterranean diet recipes using fresh, seasonal vegetables."

2: "Roasted vegetable skewers drizzled with olive oil and herbs - a simple and flavorful dish."

3: "Zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes and feta - a light and satisfying summer meal."

4: "Eggplant parmesan made with layers of tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella - a classic favorite."

5: "Grilled artichokes with lemon and garlic - a nutritious and delicious appetizer or side dish."

6: "Spinach and feta stuffed bell peppers - a colorful and nutrient-packed dish for any occasion."

7: "Tomato and cucumber salad with red onion and olives - a refreshing and crunchy Mediterranean side."

8: "Mushroom risotto with asparagus and Parmesan - a creamy and comforting dish for any season."

9: "Quinoa stuffed bell peppers with black beans and corn - a protein-packed and satisfying meal option."


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