1: Simone Biles on Jonathan Owens' wins: "So proud of his hard work and dedication."

2: Jonathan Owens on Simone Biles' wins: "She's a true inspiration and a champion."

3: Simone Biles: "His success motivates me to push myself even more."

4: Jonathan Owens: "Seeing her greatness only fuels my desire to succeed."

5: Simone Biles: "His victories are a reminder of what can be achieved with determination."

6: Jonathan Owens: "Simone's wins showcase the power of perseverance and resilience."

7: Simone Biles: "He's a true role model for all aspiring athletes."

8: Jonathan Owens: "She's a shining example of excellence and grace under pressure."

9: Simone Biles: "Together, we inspire each other to reach new heights in our respective sports."


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