1: "Plank Variations" Mix up your routine with side planks, plank jacks, and forearm planks for a stronger core.

2: "Mountain Climbers" Burn calories and sculpt your abs with this dynamic exercise great for any busy mom.

3: "Russian Twists" Strengthen your obliques with this move that targets your entire core.

4: "Leg Raises" Work on your lower abs with this simple yet effective exercise.

5: "Bicycle Crunches" Engage your entire core with this dynamic and challenging move.

6: "Reverse Crunches" Target your lower abs with this variation on the classic crunch.

7: "Dead Bug Exercise" Stabilize your core and improve coordination with this unique workout.

8: "V-Ups" Challenge your core with this advanced move for sculpted abs.

9: "Ab Rollouts" Strengthen your entire core with this stability exercise using a wheel or barbell.


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