1: Introduction - Dive into the heated rivalry between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

2: Early Days - Explore how Hogan and Savage's paths first crossed in the wrestling world.

3: WrestleMania V - Relive the iconic match where Hogan and Savage faced off for the WWE Championship.

4: Betrayal - Learn about the shocking betrayal that led to Savage turning on Hogan.

5: WCW Showdown - Witness the epic battles between Hogan and Savage in WCW.

6: Legacy - Discover how the feud between Hogan and Savage left a lasting impact on WWE history.

7: Personal Feud - Uncover the real-life animosity between Hogan and Savage that fueled their rivalry.

8: Lasting Impact - Reflect on the lasting legacy of the feud between these two wrestling legends.

9: Conclusion - Wrap up the story of Hogan vs Savage and the impact they had on the world of professional wrestling.


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