1: "Death Note" - A riveting thriller that took the original manga to new heights of suspense and intrigue.

2: "Fullmetal Alchemist" - Two unique versions with the same premise but different directions, both equally enchanting.

3: "Tokyo Ghoul" - An intense psychological anime that delves deeper into its characters and world than the manga.

4: "Attack on Titan" - Letting loose and creating exhilarating sequences that surpassed the manga's boundaries.

5: "Neon Genesis Evangelion" - A deeper exploration of characters, relationships, and psychological themes than the manga.

6: "One Piece" - Widening the scope and crafting a more expansive and dynamic world than the manga.

7: "Naruto" - Fleshed out characters and more emotional resonance in the anime adaptation compared to the manga.

8: "Bleach" - Expanding on the original story and developing characters with more depth and complexity in the anime.

9: "Hunter x Hunter" - A more detailed and immersive world-building experience not seen in the manga.


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